Mobile Blackjack Apps - The Present and Future of Online Blackjack

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Mobile blackjack apps are fast gaining traction in the current fast-paced digital landscape. Whether it's on your way to work, idling on your bed on a weekend, or simply to kill time when you are out, the percentage of players consuming online blackjack games via their mobile devices is getting larger. There are a couple of ways to access blackjack games on a mobile device - you could either visit an online casino's website and simply start playing directly from the browser, or you could download a dedicated app from the online casino.

Advantages of Playing on an App

An "app" is short for application and refers to downloadable software on your mobile device. Playing on a mobile app offers some advantages over playing in an online casino using a browser. For starters, the graphics and table layout are much better in an app - in contrast, the tables in browser-based play are smaller, with generally reduced resolution. The interface on an app too is easier to navigate as it is a software that is dedicated to casino games, without all the frills that come with an online casino (such as ads, pop-ups, and reduced space since the table is hosted inside a browser window). The gameplay too is dedicated to blackjack and other casino games and is, therefore, is much more fast-paced in comparison to browser-based play. On the other hand, browser-based play has the advantage of no download being required which means that if space is a constraint on your device, it's best to stick to playing on a site's browser (however, most apps aren't very heavy on storage requirement, so this shouldn't be a great turn off).

Blackjack Games Availalbe in Mobile Apps

As with all mobile devices, the blackjack market too is split primarily into Android and iPhone casino apps. The latter has a better rendering of graphics, while the former will probably give you a much greater range of casinos/apps to choose from. Mobile blackjack apps are typically all-encompassing and include all popular blackjack variants including Classic Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, and others. Additionally, an increasing number of these apps have also started offering live dealer games, which is pretty handy.

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How to Play

The process of playing on a mobile blackjack app is pretty simple - simply choose a leading casino (reason being that not all online casinos have downloadable apps and some of the lesser established ones have only browser-based gameplay), download their app from their site, log in and start playing. The reason you need to go to a site is that the app may not be available on the Play Store (as Google does not allow gambling-based applications to be listed). The software requirements for playing on an app are minimal and all modern phones should be able to support app-based play. An important thing to remember when playing on mobile devices is that the size of the screen, and therefore the buttons, aren't the largest so be careful when making a play - it is quite easy to press the wrong button on a mobile app, as many a player will testify! Tip: When playing on the go, ensure that you are not playing when out of network coverage area - the last thing you would want to do is get timed out with money in the pot.

Mobile Blackjack Apps

Of course, if you wish to play blackjack for play money or just for fun or for practice, there is a much larger number of free-play apps available for your entertainment. However, if you want to win money or take advantage of bonuses and promotions, then you will most likely have to make a deposit and play for real money - the deposit/withdrawal options in mobile blackjack apps are just the same as in regular website play, and apps are just as secure as websites.

Playing casino games on mobile devices is the future, and it is increasingly getting easier and more seamless to play via apps. The only caveat to keep in mind when choosing an app is that it should have good ratings before you choose one to download. Ensure not only that the ratings of the app are high (typically over 4.0 out of 5) but also that it is so over a large enough sample size. This will help avoid nasty surprises with risky apps (you may be doing financial transactions using the app after all!). Otherwise, there are no negatives to using a mobile blackjack app as it provides for a convenient and thrilling gaming experience with pretty much all the functionality and security that any other platform does.