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The online casino business model has changed in recent years. As smartphones have become the standard for nearly every adult, online gambling has swung more and more to the mobile app versions of casinos. The problem for players in search of a casino to gamble with is on their smartphones is finding a safe and reliable place that also has a top-notch mobile app with a wide variety of games. Luckily one such casino that supplies all of that is Zodiac. The mobile slots available are diverse and run smoothly.

Zodiac isn't just about mobile slots though. They are a full-sized casino that has been around 15 years. They offer more than 550 games and, better yet, frequent no deposit bonuses. It's why Zodiac with their mobile slots is one of the best casino apps in existence today.

Become an Instant Millionaire

Zodiac No Deposit Bonuses

Download Zodiac Mobile for slots and other games to gamble, and you can get 80 chances to be a millionaire instantly. That's right, a simple download and $1 deposit gets you 80 spins at a progressive jackpot that gets into the millions for the grand prize. It's not quite a free bonus, but it's the best bonus for $1 you can find.

That's not the only bonus offered though. Certainly, there will be no deposit bonuses offered from time to time, but Zodiac offers other deposit bonuses for those looking to deposit more than the $1 needed for the 80 chances at a progressive jackpot.

In total, Zodiac offers four more deposit bonuses in addition to the $1 one. On a second deposit, players qualify for a full 100 percent match of up to $100. On the third deposit, you can get up to $80 in a match bonus with a 50 percent match rate.

Going up, the fourth deposit will earn a 50 percent match up to $150. That's the biggest total dollar match available. Still, though, a final fifth deposit again offers a 50 percent match of up to $100.

Most casinos offer just a onetime match for first-time depositors, but Zodiac gives its players five different opportunities making them a step above the typical casino.

Zodiac Mobile slots can be played on the go

One of the best things about playing with a casino that has a mobile app is that you can get your kicks anywhere. Bored in class, using mass transportation for getting to work, sitting passenger in a car ... anywhere in Canada, where you can get reception, you can take a spin on Zodiac Mobile slots.

Don't forget Zodiac mobile slots regularly have no deposit bonuses. Players should load back in often because you never know when one will be active.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses Offered

What kind of no deposit bonus can you get while playing Zodiac mobile slots? They can vary from free money, a free bet chip to be used in the casino, or free spins. Sometimes they even combine different types together.

Again, these are no deposit bonuses, so players do not need to add money to their account to get the bonus.

Past Offers By This Casino

Here are a few examples of the bonuses that have been offered in the past and could be offered again at any time:

  • Bonus - $50 no deposit bonus plus 150 percent match and 30 free spins for deposit
  • Bonus - $77 free bet chip available to all players
  • Bonus - $20 free casino award to all players

Safe and Fair Play is a Top Priority

Lots of Fun Online

With Zodiac Mobile slots, players get top-quality safety and fairness in terms of odds. The casino is part of the Interactive Gaming Council, which employs the independently reviewed Random Number Generator that ensures fairness. As part of this, the results gathered are publicly posted by independent auditors. Players can simply review the data to assure that Zodiac mobile slots games give players industry competitive odds to win.

In addition to this, Zodiac uses a tightly monitored 128-bit encryption that keeps players and their accounts as safe as possible in today's world. Just in case something were to happen, however, Zodiac does have 24/7 customer support available.

The Games You Can Play

As was mentioned at the start of the review, there is a wide selection of Zodiac mobile slots to pick from, both in the three line and five-line variety.

The Zodiac mobile slots games offered aren't just simple, no frills either. There are many of the most popular and fan-favorite reels at Zodiac mobile slots but also many new ones as they are continually adding to their collection.

Old favorites offer familiarity and nostalgia. All the sounds and graphics will be just as you remember, as are the big wins that probably made it one of your go-to games in the first place.

The new Zodiac mobile slots games often come with some great graphics and themes pertaining to newer pop culture shows and movies. Just two examples on Zodiac mobile slots are the Game of Thrones and Bridesmaid slot games that have quickly become some of the most played among the 550 Zodiac Casino offers.

Download and Get to Spinning Wherever You May Be

Playing Zodiac mobile slots is incredibly simple and straightforward. The app is available on both Android and iOS. All you have to do is download and install to get to winning.

The software is also available for a download on PC. If you prefer to stick with the computer, you will still be able to play all the Zodiac mobile slots you can handle.

The depth, reliability, safety, and fair play offered on Zodiac Casino makes it a top choice for players in today's evolving world. Don't forget to make that $1 deposit to get 80 chances at becoming a millionaire!